“Street Food” in Umbria

Umbria is good food, conviviality and “slow food” region, a way of life that still resist the ever more frenetic rhythms of modernity. However, Umbria also has its own way of eating fast: we talk about Street Food, that is, tasty food that can be consumed quickly, on the street or while walking ….

Sandwich with Porchetta

A traditional regional street food, good local bread and roasted pork (spicy with fennel, pepper, salt, garlic)

Crescia Ripiena

A dough made with eggs, water and lard which is typical of the province of Perugia and stuffed with salami, cheese or sauteed vegetables. Equally widespread, even in the southern part of the region is the Torta al Testo, a mixture of flour and water cooked slowly on the “testo” stone, then filled with ham, vegetables and salami.

Bruschetta all’ Olio di Oliva

The most common appetizer of toasted unsalted bread seasoned with a little salt, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Simple and delicious!

Salted Anised Rings & Lumachelle

The lumachella is a typical umbrian baked goods like  the Anised rings. The traidtional way to prepare the anised rings is to boil the rings in salted water, then laid on an oiled cookie tin and then baked.

Street Food in Umbria July 18, 2018