Specialty food shops selling typical Umbrian products

Wine and specialty food shops with multitudes of traditional Umbrian products. The best stores and retail shops with quality Umbrian products; DOC wines, DOP extra virgin olive oil, truffles, honey, and other regional delicacies.

Specialty Food Shops Montefalco and the Martani Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Montefalco Rivenditori Prodotti

Specialty food shops with typical products in the central area of the region of Umbria; Montefalco, Bevagna, Todi and Trevi.

Specialty Food Shops Orvieto and the Amerini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Orvieto Rivenditori Prodotti

Specialty food shop with local products from the western areas of Umbria; Orvieto, Amelia.

Specialty Food Shops Perugia, Trasimeno and the Altotiberini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Perugia Rivenditori Prodotti

Retail shops with typical products from Perugia, Assisi and towns of the Trasimeno lake.

Specialty Food Shops Spoleto and the Valnerina

Umbria Wine Tours - Spoleto Rivenditori Prodotti

Typical products and food shops with specialties from the area of Spoleto, Norcia and the Valnerina.

Specialty Food Shops July 28, 2015