Umbria Wine Tours – The World of Wine & Food Tourism in Umbria, Italy.

Umbria Wine Tours is a portal dedicated to food and wine tourism in the Italian region of Umbria: the “Green Heart of Italy”

We are dedicated to providing the best information, and helping visitors authentically discover Umbria and all of its rich traditions of culinary excellence which are harmonically linked with its beautiful untamed nature, quaint villages, and ancient cities.

Umbrian wine, in its various stages of production and its vast varieties of high quality grapes is one of the great symbols of the region itself, and just one of its attractions. A center of great food production and numerous regional food events and festivals, here you can discover the tastes and flavors of tradition.

This portal contains information about Umbrian wine and great local culinary traditions. You can find information on events, wineries, restaurants, agricultural producers, specialty food shops, agriturismos, and even request a customized food and wine tour. We have divided the region into four main areas which correspond to areas of production of fine wines and typical agricultural products. Each area has their own special characteristics pertaining to wine, food, culture, history, and nature.

The Umbria Wine Tours presents the complete world of wine and food tourism in Umbria, Italy. 

Montefalco and the Martani Hills


A food and wine journey into the heart of Umbria, between picturesque villages, the land of Sagrantino.

Orvieto and the Amerini Hills


Travel through history and nature along the west side of Umbria; Orvieto, Amelia and Terni.

Perugia, Trasimeno and the Altotiberini Hills

The route between Perugia, Assisi, the villages of Trasimeno lake and the enchanting Tiber Valley.

Spoleto and the Valnerina

An Umbrian itinerary through the “wild” side including Spoleto, Norchia, Valnerina and the Sibillini Park.

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