Restaurants in Umbria

Restaurants, wine bars and trattorias serving typical dishes of the Umbria region. Umbria is particularly rich and full of renowned gourmet restaurants, modern and dynamic bistros and wine bars, and wonderful typical rustic family-run trattorias and osterias.

Restaurants Montefalco and the Martani Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Itinerari Montefalco

Restaurants and typical trattorias in the central area of Umbria; Montefalco, Bevagna, Todi, and Spello.

Restaurants Orvieto and the Amerini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Ristorante Orvieto e Colli Amerini

Restaurants and local eateries in the area of Orvieto and surrounding areas, Amelia and villages of Western Umbria.

Restaurants Perugia, Trasimeno and Altotiberini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Ristorante Perugia e Colli del Trasimeno

Trattorias and restaurants in Norther Umbria; Perugia, Assisi and towns of the Trasimeno lake.

Restaurants Spoleto and the Valnerina

Umbria Wine Tours - Ristorante Spoleto e la Valnerina

Trattoris and restaurants in Southern Umbria; the Valnerina, Norcia, and Spoleto.

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