Umbria is a small region in the center of Italy, characterized by an area of ​​rare natural beauty mostly hilly where, historically, the agriculture has represented a relevant sector in the regional economy. The olive tree and the vine find in the hill an ideal environment for their cultivation, in fact the past civilizations like the Etruscans and Romans, cultivated these lands producing oil and wine. Over the years, the agricultural tradition has evolved and today it is possible to easily find, in every area of ​​the region, local farms and wineries that, in addition to agricultural production, also offer the possibility to visitors, to have guided wine tours, tastings and hospitality. This has allowed the development of an important regional eno-gastronomic tourism as well as a growing perception of Umbria as a land of tradition, genuineness and excellence: wine, olive oil, typical products.

For this reason, despite the small size, Umbria is a popular destination and increasingly appreciated for those who want to organize and experience a holiday not only to satisfy the sight thanks to its natural beauty, the cities of art and the many villages, but also to discover its authentic tastes and flavors.

Wine Tour in Umbria July 18, 2018