Local Producers and Agricultural Companies in Umbria

Organic farms, producers, growers, in Umbria. Select Umbrian companies that produce fresh farm grown products like extra virgin olive oil, honey, grains, legumes, saffron and many other Umbrian treats.

Local Producers Montefalco and Martani Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Montefalco Aziende Agricole

Agricultural farms in the central area of Umbria, including the areas around Montefalco, Bevagna, Trevi, Todi.

Local Producers Orvieto and the Amerini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Orvieto Aziende Agricole

Local farms and producers on the western side of Umbria; Orvieto, Amelia and the surrounding hillside.

Local Producers Perugia, Trasimeno and the Altotiberini Hills

Umbria Wine Tours - Perugia Aziende Agricole

Farms and local producers around Perugia, Assisi, and the Trasimeno lake area.

Local Producers Spoleto and the Valnerina

Umbria Wine Tours - Spoleto Agricultural Companies

Agricultural companies in the southern area of Umbria; Spoleto, Norcia and the Valnerina.

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